Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cold Weather. Or... Not?

An interesting conversation occurred at my house today as my roommate and I were enjoying the beautiful outdoors while doing some work.

Me: "Are you cold out here? I'm FREEZING."

Roommate: "YES. It's cold!

Me: (checking temperature on computer's desktop gadget) "What? 68 degrees?? It has to be colder than 68 degrees."

Roommate: "Well... there's windchill!"

*long pause*

Me: "Do you find it strange that we're talking about windchill for near-70 degree weather?"

Roommate: "Don't be ridiculous! We are SUFFERING here!"

Me: (after checking several online sites for the temperature): The lowest I can find is 65.5.

Roommate: Do you think people would think we're crazy if we bought an outdoor heater?

I think it is safe to say that we have sufficiently acclimated to the Texas climate. :)

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