Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bible Bee Success!

Well, last Saturday marked the culmination of our efforts as we held a Bible Bee Contest in Wichita. Everything ran smoothly and we not only stayed on schedule, but we were done early!

More importantly, the contestants all did wonderful! The hard work they spent certainly showed in their performance and their scores. And...

drumroll please

I am quite excited to announce that five students from our little contest (of only 30 students) have qualified for the National Competition!!!

1. Natalia Leslie


1. John Myers
2. Aaron Wilson


1. Abigail Myers
2. Bethany Franklin

We also have one student who is a runner-up for Nationals: Luke Rathke!

It is so exciting to see all the students who worked so hard and more importantly, invested in God's Word. To be a part of instilling such valuable gems of truth into the lives of others was a great blessing. I know everyone who participated feels the same and I am so thankful for all our volunteers who invested in so many lives.

I'm also incredibly thankful for our wonderful team--my mom, Carrie, Janet and Suzanne. (See below picture). They were all amazing. It's remarkable to see how well things run when each person fully and capably fulfills their roles.

All in all, the Bible Bee was a wonderful experience. And now I'm looking forward to volunteering at the National Competition in November!

Our wonderful team. :)

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