Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, it had to happen sooner or later... a post on current events.

There are so many things happening in our country, but two in particular have stood out as I hear the stories.

The Valley that Hope Forgot

With over 40% unemployment in San Joaquin Valley in Southern California, Sean Hannity broadcast the plight of farmers in that region tonight. I kept hearing the accusation that the government cared more about an endangered species of fish (called the Delta Smelt) than they did the people in the Valley. I was rather confused about exactly what was happening, so I started researching. (Internet, by the way, is a wonderful thing).

The best explanation I can find is that environmentalists started demanding several months (or even years?) ago that California "modify water exports to prevent the extinction of the delta smelt." (1) Apparently that means reducing water into the Valley to a mere 10% of what they previously used. 10%!!! And this is a valley that produces food for the entire nation--now subjected to 40% unemployment rates with families going hungry every night. Why? Because the Federal Government, the current Administration and Department of the Interior are more concerned that the fish have water than the people.

For shame. I am all for protecting the environment, but NEVER at the cost of human pain and suffering.

Well, the second topic I wanted to discuss was ACORN, but that may have to wait as I have other things to do. For now, I will just quote one of those speaking out on this...

"To preserve liberty, you have to restrict the Federal Government." I'm afraid that is becoming more and more true.


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