Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Never buy HP!

We have had about the worst experience with HP that we've ever had with any company. Normally I don't get too upset about these things, but this has been ridiculous.

Here's what happened: my mom's computer randomly turned off and refused to turn back on a few weeks ago. This is the third time this has happened to the same computer. So we sent it in to HP on August 17th and were told we would have it within 3 days, per our warranty. Now, if I can add correctly (which I can), that means we should have had it back by August 20th. But apparently HP cannot add, as it is now September 1st and our computer is nowhere to be seen.

They tried to ship it to us on August 24th (note: four days AFTER we should have had it back). Unfortunately, someone on the continent can't spell and they sent it to a non-existant address. So FedEx got the computer within miles of us, couldn't find the house and sent it back to California.

We had been tracking the package and when it didn't arrive on time, my dad got involved. (He's the person who can make things happen in our family). So on August 28th, he took off an afternoon from work and spent the entire time talking to HP. After being transferred around the world, he finally talked to the management, who promised to overnight the computer and get it to us ASAP.

Allowing for the weekend, that means we should have had our computer yesterday or today at the latest. Well, it didn't come yesterday, so we called FedEx and were told the package would come today. It did, around 12:30pm.

But guess what? (You might want to sit down).

They sent us an empty box.

That's right--no computer, just a box with a return label in it. NOT what we needed or expected.
So since my dad is now in China and it is early morning (around 2:45 am) his time, I got to call HP. I spent about an hour and forty-five minutes trying to track down case manager "Steve." I started out in Mexico, who promptly connected me to Nova Scotia. After talking to them for awhile, we got disconnected and I got to start all over again. This time I ended up in India, got nowhere fast, hung up and called back again. I once again ended up in Mexico, who once again transferred me to Nova Scotia, who finally located the case manager in Ontario. He's now working with California to get our computer to Colorado by tomorrow.

All that to say--the quality of the product and of the service at HP has been pretty dismal. (And this isn't the first time we've had problems--just the worst). So if you're ever considering buying a computer or other technological products, let me encourage you to not try HP.

On another note, I did receive some interesting lessons on various cultures. Mexico can't help you with anything, but is more than happy to transfer you wherever you would like to go. India can't help, won't let you talk to anyone else, and will only promise that someone will call you back within three business days. (Both my mom and I had this experience). And Nova Scotia and Ontario tend to be pretty helpful and actually get stuff done, but they can't figure out what on earth those people in California were thinking. (Neither can I, come to think of it).

Well, that's my story... and unfortunately, it's not over yet. I have to go call case manager 'Steve' again and make sure the computer is on it's way to the right state and address. Then I think I'm going to get a bowl of ice cream and go watch a movie. My mind needs to rest after traveling around the world in an hour and forty-five minutes.


  1. Just reading it made my day. I now have my computer and a good laugh to go with it. Good job at laying out the experience, Brittany. Thank you for spending your time on the phone so I could continue to worry about my computer :)

  2. Hm. That does sound pretty bad. But since I have never had a bad experience like that, and since I have purchased two excellent HP Laptops, I must disagree with you. :-)

  3. You're the second person I heard who likes HP. Since our problem is more their customer service, rather than their product, I suppose I must say HP products may be ok. (Though ours are not). :)