Thursday, December 10, 2009


St. John's College in Cambridge

We were in Cambridge two days ago, on Tuesday. I would have posted then, but had no internet access. Now I do, so the posting may begin!

We started out when Mr. Barry Hack picked us up. He is working with my dad (or my dad is working with him... they keep arguing about which it is) while we're over here. He is a great person and so funny to listen to. He talks about many interesting topics... I may have to dedicate a post to all the fascinating and hilarious conversations I've listened to over the last few days.

Anyway, the reason I mention the beginning of our day was because it started with us running late. We were stuck in traffic when my dad and Mr. Hack were supposed to be in Cambridge for a meeting. So what do we do? Stop for coffee, of course! Not just a quick drive through McDonald's or Starbucks though... no, we go inside, order something to drink and sit for half an hour! It was my first experience with what is obviously a different attitude towards work over here!

Boats on the river!

Once we finally got to Cambridge, Matthew and I walked from the offices we arrived at to the downtown area of Cambridge. Once we found our way (it took awhile, what with detours to a shopping mall and a museum and such), we finally were able to see the beautiful, ancient colleges of Cambridge. Apparently there are 31 colleges that comprise Cambridge University. We only saw a few, but they were all remarkable.

St. John's College (again!)

I could talk (type?) forever about all saw and did, but here is a brief summary. We started at Corpus Christi College, where we were yelled at by a not-so-nice gentlemen for 'goofing off' (we weren't), took a million pictures of King's College Chapel, walked through the lesser known Clare's College and saw some of the best landscaping, climbed 123 stairs to the top of the Great St. Mary's Chapel, saw the Christopher Wren Library from a distance (SO sad I couldn't see it up close!), walked by many more beautiful colleges, visited the Christian Heritage Tours of Cambridge in the Round Church and saw and learned so much amazing history!

Matthew in the courtyard of Corpus Christi College.

Of all I learned, one of the most remarkable was discovering how old these building actually are. For example, Great St. Mary's steeple (that would be one of the LAST things to be built) was started in 1491. Henry VI started the building of King’s College Chapel which was eventually finished by Henry VIII. And the historic section of Cambridge was finished around 1600… around the time America was just getting started! Isn’t it amazing?

King's College Chapel from the top of Great St. Mary's

You have to look at this one sideways. These are the ropes to pull the bells in Great St. Mary's Cathedral. As we headed up the stairs, Matthew asked "Did they hang people in here?"

All of us on top of Great St. Mary's Church.

Heading down the stairs from the top of Great St. Mary's

Beautiful landscaping (for December) inside Clare's College.

Another view of St. John's College (and my dad!)


  1. Great pictures. I'm so glad you're having a great time. Make sure to get yourselves in the pictures. And quit "goofing around." Did he think you were skipping school or something?

  2. I did get some pictures of me, believe it or not. :)

    And I don't know what he thought. I had been reading Matthew some of the history of the college we were at and we realized we were standing in front of some office window, so we moved. (Matthew was being a little bouncy, but nothing bad). Then, like 10 minutes later, just as we were walking back by this same window (not doing anything this time) this guy comes out and yells at us. Guess they're a little uptight there. :P