Saturday, December 5, 2009

Heading to London!!!

The day has finally arrived and Matthew (my 13 year old brother) and I are heading to the UK for a week! If possible, I intend to update my blog more frequently while I'm gone, both so my friends can keep up with me and so I may have a good account of our trip when we return!

I expected packing to be a rather bigger deal than previous trips I have made since we are going overseas. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I did not need much additional time. In fact, I began packing much too early and ended up sitting around wondering if I was forgetting something! Matthew took a little longer to get everything together (I'm still not sure if he has his toothbrush!) but we are almost ready to go!

Here is what our travel schedule looks like:

Leave Granby, CO no later than 10:00am.
Arrive in Denver around noon.
Get lunch with our family.
Fly out of Denver around 2:40pm.
Arrive in Chicago sometime after 6:00pm.
Meet my dad in Chicago and board a plane to London after 10:00pm tonight!

So that is the plan. It will be Matthew's first flight in years and the first Trans-Atlantic flight for both of us. We are mildly excited... ;) (Actually, Matthew said he didn't sleep much last night, he was so excited. I suppose that's a little more than 'mildly').

Well, I suppose I should finish getting ready to go! Next update will probably come from another country!

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