Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lots to cover!

Well, for days and weeks, I can think of very little to blog about. Then all at once, I have too much!

Item number 1: Scott Brown
I have not been so thrilled about politics since this time last year... Scott Brown, an underdog Republican candidate in Massachusetts has beat the established Democratic party tonight!!!

Brown has promised to be a no-vote on Obama's health care reform and seems strong in many other areas that are important to the majority of Americans and, apparently, the majority of voters in Massachusetts! He also seems like a very down to earth guy, which is important--hopefully it means the politics haven't gotten to him yet.

While I doubt this will be a wake-up call to certain liberals in Congress, I am hopeful that many will see they cannot do what they please and get a free pass from the American people! We will be informed, we will take a stand and we will be heard! I only hope and pray this momentum will continue through November elections and well into the future.

Item number 2: Haiti

I have been following some of what has happened in Haiti through various ministries and organizations who are sending supplies and support to help the people there. I can do very little for the people who are suffering so except to pray and give. I hope that you will join me in both.

Samaritan's Purse is one ministry that deserves all the support they can receive for what they are doing in Haiti and around the world.

I'm afraid I don't have much else to say on this subject. Too much thought causes too much heartache. Perhaps I will be able to write more later on.

Item number 3: Rifqa Bary
This is just as exciting (in my opinion!!!) as Scott Brown's win! Rifqa Bary is a young Christian woman who ran away from her Muslim family several months ago in fear of her life. She took refuge in Florida a legal battle between the state of Florida, the state of Ohio (where she is from), herself and her parents ensued.

She was moved to the Ohio foster care system and Christians across the country have been praying that the state will protect her until her 18th birthday (later this year), when she will be able to make her own decisions.

Well, today God answered prayers! Rifqa's parents gave up the fight and Rifqa will be staying in the Ohio foster care system until she turns 18. I am so thankful to hear that this young, courageous girl will not have to face the possibility of death at the hands of her family for proclaiming the name of Jesus!

Hear Rifqa's story in her own words here.
Read about the latest developments here.

God is so good to give many good and wonderful gifts to His children... and even in Haiti, He works all things together for good for those who love Him. What an awesome God He is.

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