Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD.

This evening, I heard a question that spoke deeply to my soul.

How do I see God apart from His miracles and sovereign intervention in my life?

It seems easy to believe in God's goodness and love when I see Him at work. When I watch Him re-arrange events or send just the right person at just the right time, I know He is there. But what of those times when He seems invisible?

In the daily monotony of everyday life... do I still see Him?
In the pain and hurt caused by others... do I believe in His kindness?
In the sorrow and suffering surrounding me... do I still know that He is good?

Often in those times, I do not look for or see His present goodness. I cannot imagine how this could be 'good.' Instead, I look back to His past goodness and believe He will be good again.

But that is not right! Our God is good ALL the time! So what of His goodness now? Where is His goodness in the suffering or the failures or the boredom or the pain of life? What do I see today?

When it seems we are struggling just to survive, we must see God. And know...

In each breathe that I take, He is good.
In the sun that rises each day, He is kind.
In food we can eat and water we can drink, He is mercy.
In the rain and the wind, He is love.
In music and dance, He is joy.
In laughter and smiles, He is hope.

Even in pain and sorrow, He is there.
In all things, He is our very life.

And every moment, He is good.

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